Client Testimonials

See some of Emily’s client transformations below and what they had to say about their experience working with her 1:1!


Results: Down 8 lbs in 3 months but the body recomp is 🔥

“Over the last few months that I have worked with Emily my self esteem has improved significantly. The app she has is wonderful and simple to use. It was easy to track my workouts and calories. She tailored the workout to me and what I needed even when I couldn’t get to a gym in person she helped give me at home workouts.

She was always understanding and super supportive of anything I needed. With Emily I have made sustainable habits that I will keep forever.

If you’re thinking about getting a personal trainer Emily is perfect for it. All of her workout are easy to follow and beginner friendly. I love that if I was confused by anything there was a video to watch of her doing the exercises. I enjoyed strength training and am so much stronger now.

There is no part of this program you won’t like, so if you are considering it just go and do it, it is worth every penny.”


Results: Down 15 lbs in 3 months

“After 3 years of really not doing much in the way of exercise or eating right - gaining thirty pounds, I needed a reset. I would say I had a very skewed view of what being in shape and eating right, looked like before starting with Coach Emily. She helped me get back into the swing of things without going too fast, too soon. She helped me create a routine and made “eating right” much easier than I was making it. Emily always had solid tips and feedback when I asked for it. She never punished me when I took the occasion detour from the plan - though, I don't doubt if I needed her to be hard on me she would have. Emily gives you exactly what you need when you need it. She tells you what to do while allowing you to go at your pace and within your capability. I'm down 15 pounds in three months and feel much more confident about going it alone moving forward. I would however, work with Coach Emily again in a heartbeat! It’s been the reset I needed!”


Results: Down 17 lbs total in 3 months

“My experience working with Emily was beyond my expectations. I love that she provided everything that I could need and the breakdown was so easy to understand. She helped me with improving my form and was there for any questions I had.

If you are looking for someone who cares, listens and will not judge but push you, Emily is your girl. She helped me stop focusing on the small steps backward and to focus on moving forward. The workouts are easy to follow and have step by step instructions on how to do them. When I was struggling, she went out of her way to do research to find the form that felt most comfortable for me. The meal plan was delicious and I can finally say I know how to measure my macros all thanks to her. Overall, I would definitely recommend taking the leap and I will continue to work with her in the future ❤️.”


Results: Down 1 lb total in 6 months (the body recomp went crazy!)

“If you’re thinking about it, just do it. Working with Emily is worth it 10x over. She personalizes your plan based on your goals and what fits into your life within reason. If you need to make lifestyle choices, she’s your person too. Emily is incredibly accessible for any and all questions - both nutrition and workout related. She becomes your biggest cheerleader and truly celebrates your success. Because you will be successful with Emily!

I tried so many different programs and had a rough time making them stick and getting into a routine prior to meeting Emily. Emily makes it simple and fun. I seriously couldn’t recommend working with her more.”


Results: Down 17 lbs total in 3 months

“If you're looking to make changes in your life, I cannot suggest working with Emily enough. She is incredibly understanding and knowledgeable and the program is really tailored to meet you where you are!

The program is simple and so effective. It's been such a blessing to have nutrition advice paired with planned workouts. I have never seen more results in the gym than my time with Emily- both weight loss and building strength. Most importantly the program is all about YOU and what you want to accomplish.

All of the workouts are beginner friendly and easy to manage but they build a comfortability with being in the gym and using a variety of equipment.  

The nutrition portion of the program is also AMAZING. It helped me to really look at the food that I was eating previously and make small tweaks to make the most out of my meals. It is not a diet and nothing is off the table. It's just about eating balanced and giving your body the nutrition it needs to make the most out of your physical activity.  

If you are considering this program- DO IT! It has given me so many tools to continue this journey after my time with Emily is over. And most importantly it showed me that I can do it!”


Results: Down 17 lbs total in 3 months

“I am writing to tell you how 1000% worth training with Emily is. She is a great motivator to get up and work out. The program she uses is simple and helps you track calories and track your weights easily. She gives you options on how many days a week you want to work out. She caters what works best for you and teaches you how to get your calories while giving you resources and tools to reach your goals.

I found that working with Emily created a healthy relationship with food for me. I realized I shouldn't feel guilty for eating 'bad', but rather balance it out. She never shamed me when I missed a day, but rather, she motivated me to keep going. She also understood life happens and would work with me if I needed to go out of town and change up my workout.

The period of time I've had with her was the most results I've seen in the years I've been working out. Having her in my life changed my journey for the better in so many ways. I feel like the results speak for themselves, but in case they don't, she is incredible. She's always responded when I needed something and is willing to help you every big and small step of the way.

If you ever needed a sign, this is it. I cannot say how impressed, excited, and overwhelmed I am by working with her. All of my goals have been reached and I'm so excited to be making new ones!”


Results: Down 19 lbs total in 3 months

“I worked with Emily for 3 months and in that time my self-esteem skyrocketed. I hit my year goal in 3 months 🤯 I did better than I had hoped, and have ended up back at the size I was a few years ago. I have so much energy and feel so good because Emily was able to make a tailored workout plan for me while helping me keep to my nutrition goals as well.

I'm glad I worked with Emily when I did cause after the 3 months I moved location, sold my car, and was cycling everywhere. Emily's plan got me to a point when I am fit enough to do this without being self-conscious or overly tired when I arrive at places and I couldn't feel better. My only issue is that now I need to buy new jeans because all my jeans are too big now!  

I feel I made some sustainable habits and can continue on my current trajectory, so I may wait a bit for my size to level out before I start to buy too many new clothes. Thanks Emily, I walked in skeptical and walked out proving that I can do it.”


Results: Down 22 lbs total in 4 months

“I had been unhappy with my body, and weight for a year, contemplated working with a personal trainer for a few months, and finally started working with Emily at the end of August. Initially I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted on the scale, and Emily made a few adjustments to my routine. The next week, and every week since I’ve seen progress across the board…not only in the number only the scale but in the heaviness of the weights I could move too. Had I been working out on my own, without her support, I likely would have given up for the time being and pushed getting healthier off again. Going into this, I knew I’d like having a trainer for the accountability aspect but it also feels special to know someone else sees how hard you are working too. I’m grateful to have Emily to check in with and to celebrate my progress, no matter how small or large. The changes I’ve made in my diet and exercise are sustainable long term and I feel with the tools Emily has shared, I can maintain this lifestyle.

I no longer feel like I have this black cloud hanging over me, and it’s such a relief. I feel so much healthier and confident, so much like myself again. Working with you turned out to be one of the best decisions I made for myself this year; it has improved various aspects of my life. Thank you for everything ! 😊”


Results: Down 25 lbs total in 3 months

“Working with Emily has been amazing. She is knowledgeable, organized, constantly checks in and listens when needed. She helped me make 32 feel likes the new 22. The program helped me prioritize my health, both mental and physical. I feel lighter, quicker, strong, and more confident. This program also helped get me in the best condition for rugby season. HIT MY GURL UP !”


Results: Down 1 lb total in 3 months. Dropped 2 inches in the waist &  chest and experienced a good deal of body recomposition.

“3 months ago I was thinking I needed to do something to change my life. I needed someone to keep me focused and accountable. I messaged Emily and we started working together shortly after. It took a few weeks but I started noticing changes. My strength went up and I started to feel more confident going to the gym. I just had to stay consistent and trust the process which I wouldn’t have done without Emily’s support. I would 100% recommend Emily to a friend.”


Results: Down 15 lbs total in 3 months

“I have just completed my 12 weeks of 1:1 training with Emily. Initially I was concerned about hiring an online coach in another country but this is by far one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. In total I lost 7.5kg over 12 weeks.

What has surprised me the most however is what I gained. I am a happier version of me.  I am strong, confident, capable of hard things and for the first time in a long time truly like who I see in the mirror. Emily has guided me throughout the whole journey offering advice, giving suggestions and making changes when needed. She was easy to get a hold of and had fast response times to any concerns or questions. I wouldn't have achieved these goals without her and can highly recommend working with Emily 1:1. Cheers Em


Results: Down 14 lbs in 3 months

“Working with Emily was such a great experience. She is so knowledgeable, positive and supportive. She helped me make some pretty big lifestyle changes and made it easy. She’s always available to answer questions, clarify exercises and helped me with my form. If you’re unsure of how to get back in the gym, what to do, or what to eat, Emily is your girl! She makes it easy, attainable and I loved the results I got. 10/10 recommend!”


Results: Down 22 lbs in 3 months

“What a great surprise it was to work with Emily! The last 3 months have been amazing. I'm down 22 lbs since starting to work with her. I would have never had the motivation and confidence I've had if it wasn't for Coach Emily! I definitely recommend working with her 1:1 if you get the chance 💯”


Results: Down 22 lbs total in 4 months


Results: Down 18 lbs total in 3 months

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